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Catering companies play a vital role in providing food and beverages for events such as weddings, corporate meetings, parties, and other special occasions.They work closely with clients to create a customized menu that meets their needs, preferences, and budget.

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Private chefs offer personalized, in-home dining experiences, preparing gourmet meals to the client's specific dietary requirements and preferences. They source ingredients and plan menus. Hiring a chef is a great option for holidays and small events.

Bar Services

Bar and cocktail caterers offer drinks and beverages for events and gatherings in a a convenient and professional way. Most bar services offer experienced bartenders, high-quality ingredients, and customizable drink menus. Many have their own portable bar setup.

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We know the difficulties of finding good catering services in Spain. We have put together the ultimate directory of independent caterers across the country.

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Isabella Varo
Isabella Varo
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“Pasé mucho tiempo intentando encontrar un servicio de coctelería móvil antes de dar con Caterlista. Rápidamente encontré exactamente lo que estaba buscando.”
Micheal Egan
Micheal Egan
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“We were looking for a barbeque wedding caterer, Caterlista made it easy with so much choice. We managed to get a great caterer and all within budget.”
Janet Hampton
Janet Hampton
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“Finding a private chef for our holiday was way less stressful than I thought! I found several listed on Caterlista in the Malaga area, we eventually settled on one who turned out to be great.”
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We’ve tried to make searching for a caterer in Spain as easy as possible:

1. Click on one of the home page Start Searching buttons.

2. Select the province where you need catering.

3. On redirection to the results page, choose the category you need. image 4. Select as many category filters as you like image 5. You will now have all the results listed for your catering criteria.

We have thoroughly scoured the internet for people and businesses in the Spanish catering industry, we add what we find. Listings added by us typically only include simple contact details, usually a website or email address.

Caterlista listings that have been added or claimed by catering businesses or self-employed chefs include direct contact forms, these send inquiries straight to their inbox.

Registration is not 100% necessary, however it’s free, takes 30 seconds and gives you access to a personal dashboard.

Your personal dashboard gives you access to an internal messaging system and records listings that you’ve saved as favourites ♥.

Yes, it’s 100% free (and always will be) to search and contact any listing within our site.

Yes, contact and get quotes from as many caterers as you like – we feel you need to!

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