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Event Catering

Finding a good caterer is important. They are the primary factor in ensuring you get the best dining experience for your event.

Caterers are generally equipped to cater weddings, corporate functions, private parties, and social gatherings – designing menus, preparing meals, and ensuring efficient service to guests.

Private Chef

A private chef for hire provides personalized culinary experiences tailored to individual requirements and dietary needs. 

They are generally available for intimate dinners, special occasions, weekly meal prep and often small catering jobs. they create menus and dining experiences in the comfort of a clients’ home.

Bar Catering

Bar and cocktail catering services specialize in creating a collection of different drinks and beverages. They cater events of all sizes from weddings and corporate parties to private celebrations.

Their services may include cocktails, mixology, draught beer, wine, cava and sometimes hot beverages. Their staff are generally experienced professionals.

Cake and Pastry

Independent cake makers specialize in creating homemade cakes for various events including weddings, birthdays and corporate functions.

Cake is an important part of any event, skilled craftsmanship and baking experience ensure each custom made cake is tailored to match the client’s idea and event theme.

Food Truck

Food trucks available for hire generally offer a unique and trendy catering option, they can provide a wide range of freshly cooked street foods.

Popular food truck specialities might include  gourmet burgers, tacos, artisan ice cream, hot dogs and churros. food trucks can add a fun and interactive element to any event.

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